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Join us for a live web chat with Women and the Texas Revolution’s Editor, Mary Scheer!

Are you enjoying Women and the Texas Revolution?  Do you have questions for the editor?  Well folks, mark your calendars – Editor Mary Scheer will be answering all of your questions Wednesday, July 24th at 7:30 pm!

Did you receive a free copy of Women and the Texas Revolution?  Remember, we ask that if you receive a free copy you submit at least one question to the editor!  To ensure that your question be answered, please submit all questions here (comment below) by Friday, July 19th.

Start brainstorming!  Happy Reading!

Let’s talk about Women and the Texas Revolution!

I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day celebrations!

While celebrating America’s Independence, I hope you all were thinking about Texas’ own fight for independence, and the roles women played during the Texas Revolution!

Let’s start talking about the book – remember, we will have a live web chat with Editor Mary Scheer later this month (time and date to be determined very soon)!

What has been the most interesting aspect of Women and the Texas Revolution for you thus far?  Do you already have questions for our editor?  I want to hear from you!

Was the Texas Revolution “revolutionary” for women?

Hello book group members,

We have our 2nd book choice!

For the next 5 weeks, we will be reading/discussing Women and the Texas Revolution, edited by Lamar University associate professor and chair of the history department Mary Scheer, and Winner of the Liz Carpenter Award for Research in the History of Women, Texas State Historical Association, 2012.

WomeninTexasRevWhile there is wide scholarship on the Texas Revolution, there is no comparable volume on the role of women during that conflict. Most of the many works on the Texas Revolution include women briefly in the narrative, such as Emily Austin, Suzanna Dickinson, and Emily Morgan West (the Yellow Rose), but not as principal participants.

Women and the Texas Revolution explores these women in much more depth, in addition to covering the women and children who fled Santa Anna’s troops in the Runaway Scrape, and examining the roles and issues facing Native American, black, and Hispanic women of the time.

We think you are going to LOVE this book! Need to buy it?  Click here.

But…Paula Oates at UNT Press is giving us 5 free copies!  The first 5 folks to comment “I want a copy of the book” below will be mailed a free copy next week.  Don’t forget to email your mailing address to

If you are one of the 5 lucky members to receive a free book, we ask that you contribute at least one question for the author/editor/expert when the time for the live web chat comes around.

Happy Reading!!!!!

Thanks! And next we will read….

Thank you all for your participation in the web chat with author Jan Reid last Wednesday night.  Your questions were great, and Mr. Reid really enjoyed interacting with you.

If you missed the web chat, it is archived here.

Stay tuned for the next title we will read/discuss.  We will announce it next Friday, June 7th.

Because our group is reader-centered, I want to hear from you!  Send us comments – we can talk about Let the People In, the web chat, and I would love to hear your feedback!

Ask author Jan Reid your questions about Let the People In!


When I read a book, especially one about an interesting figure like Ann Richards, I always wish I could have a conversation with the author and ask them all of the questions I have swimming around in my head after finishing the book….

Lucky for us, we get to do just that Wednesday, May 29th!!!!  Your chance to ask Jan Reid your questions, give him your comments, and discuss anything and everything Ann Richards is one week away!

Post the interview questions you would like Jan Reid to answer in the comments section below by Friday, May 24th.  Let us know about any other expectations (ideas, suggestions, etc.) you have for the Live Web Chat as well!

Jan Reid will be coming to you LIVE from the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum next Wednesday, May 29th at 8:00 pm, and you will be able to interact with him then, but we want to make sure you get your questions answered, so post them now!

Click here to go to the interview page and set an email reminder for yourself so you don’t miss this wonderful event!!

There is still time to finish the book, but if you want to make sure Jan Reid answers your questions, post them below in the comments section.

Let’s hear what the first online book group devoted to Texas History has to say about Let the People In.

Texas History Online Reading Group – Join the first online book group devoted to Texas History!

It has been a long, exciting journey, and we have finally arrived at our destination.  Texas PBS is proud to facilitate the first online book group devoted to Texas History in conjunction with the new Texas, Our Texas initiative.

The group will ultimately be a reader-led experience, with Texas PBS bringing in authors/experts and documentaries/artwork to create a multifaceted, educational and interesting experience for group members.

Our first book for discussion will be Jan Reid’s Let the People In:  The Life and Times of Ann Richards.


What better person to be the subject of a ground-breaking project relating to Texas History, than Ann Richards?  There are a variety of things we can discuss – Ann Richards, women in politics, women as domestic figures, private matters made public for politicians, etc.  The first task, however, is to read the book.

Brady Dyer at the University of Texas Press was gracious enough to give us five free copies of Let the People In, which we gave away to five lucky group members this week! If you were not able to win free copy, here is a link to purchase the book online.

Texas PBS has promised to facilitate the conversation and bring in the authors and experts to discuss the book – and Jan Reid has agreed to join us Wednesday, May 29th at 8:00 pm to chat about the book.  The web chat will be coming to you live from the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, complete with special guests from the Austin community.

More info about this later – start reading!!!