The Great Depression and World War IILesson Plans

WWIIStories_largeD-Day and the Texas Panhandle

Grade: 11
This WWII unit includes two videos of a veteran speaking about his war experiences, questions to go with the videos, a lesson plan and an activity.

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Grade: 11
In this KACV educational unit, students will learn about the Holocaust through firsthand video accounts, a lesson plan and a presentation.

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WWIIStories_largeWhy We Moved

In this KACV educational unit, students will learn about how efforts to help win World War II forced many American civilians to migrate.

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WWIIStories_largePropaganda in World War II

Grade: 11
Through this KACV educational unit, students will learn about the effectiveness of United States propaganda used in World War II.

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WWIIStories_largeWWII Personalities

Students will identify common characteristics exhibited by strong war leaders in this KACV educational unit from “Texas Panhandle WWII Stories.”

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The Texas Dust Bowl

f42bbd05-8596-4b0d-90ce-a914525adedd_thumb_largeDust Bowl Migrations

Grades: 6-12
This Library of Congress group includes photographs, recorded music, and song lyrics that document the daily ordeals of rural migrant families from the Great Plains during a decade marked by both the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. Use it to help your students write and illustrate the struggles Texas families went through.

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TAMI-DustbowlTexas Dust Bowl

Grades: 4-7
Show your students the impact of the Dust Bowl on the lives, livelihoods, interactions, and migrations of every day Texans through the creation of a three-part series of letters written in first-person perspective to an East Coast friend. Through creation of the letters students will evaluate significant events in the following three periods: the beginning of the Dust Bowl droughts, the worst part of the droughts, and the resulting resolution of the droughts.

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More Lesson Plans

Teachers help your students learn more about the dust bowl in Texas.

Elementary (Grades 1-8)
Life in the Dust Bowl
The Whirlwind of the Dust Bowl

Secondary (High School)
A Moment in Time: The Dirty Thirties
Counteracting the Devastation of the Dust Bowl – Is that Constitutional?

Days of Dust College Lesson Plan
Personal Narrative Lesson
Researched Proposal Dust Bowl Project

Additional Resources

Ken Burns The Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl Preview
Read and Share Dust Bowl Stories
PBS American Experience: Surviving the Dust Bowl

Panhandle Resources

Dust Bowl Echoes Blog
Amarillo Globe Dust Bowl Articles
Dust Bowl recollections from Perryton, TX
Dust Bowl resources from West Texas A&M University, Cornette Library, Canyon, TX

Woody Guthrie Center, Pampa, TX

Texas Resources

The Dust Bowl & Texas (Handbook of Texas)
Dust Bowl Lesson Plans (Texas Archive of the Moving Image)