Civil War and ReconstructionLesson Plans

slaverySlavery by Another Name: Historic Documents

Grades 9-13+
This educational unit contains primary source documents from the Civil War Era such as convict reports, letters and newspaper articles.

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What_largeJim Crow in America

Grades: 9-12
After the Civil War, most Southern states limited the economic and physical freedom of former slaves by enacting laws known as Jim Crow laws. This primary source set presents popular views on, and the causes and effects of, these laws.

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Their_HistorySlavery By Another Name

Oftentimes history is viewed as a series of events that happened independently of each other. Through this Slavery by Another Name educational unit, students examine how personal histories overlap within a wider historical narrative to create a web of connection between us.

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ReconstructionReconstruction Brings White Resistance

In this segment from The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, white Southerners, resentful of Reconstruction, found many ways to obstruct and deny the new freedoms held by former slaves.

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