Book Club Blogs “It’s a hard going, a difficult business indeed, being a survivor.”

Rozelle_FC_S12 (1)How many of y’all have finished the book?!  Wasn’t it FANTASTIC?

Ron Rozelle’s writing style really made an impact on my emotional journey reading this beautifully written story.  The terrible, tragic events unfold before us, and while reading Rozelle’s words, I felt as if I could see the faces, hear the pain and feel the concrete dust in my lungs. I think it is especially important that Rozelle focuses on those living, the ones left behind and tells their stories so beautifully.

The New London Museum (mentioned in the book) has an amazing website that everyone should spend some time perusing around.  Here is a link to their website.  (They kindly put us on their homepage!)

I am looking forward to having Miles Tolar, Museum Director of the New London Museum, participate with us in the online web chat.  Don’t miss this opportunity Saturday, October 5th at noon!

What are your thoughts about the book so far?  I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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