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It has been a long, exciting journey, and we have finally arrived at our destination.  Texas PBS is proud to facilitate the first online book group devoted to Texas History in conjunction with the new Texas, Our Texas initiative.

The group will ultimately be a reader-led experience, with Texas PBS bringing in authors/experts and documentaries/artwork to create a multifaceted, educational and interesting experience for group members.

Our first book for discussion will be Jan Reid’s Let the People In:  The Life and Times of Ann Richards.


What better person to be the subject of a ground-breaking project relating to Texas History, than Ann Richards?  There are a variety of things we can discuss – Ann Richards, women in politics, women as domestic figures, private matters made public for politicians, etc.  The first task, however, is to read the book.

Brady Dyer at the University of Texas Press was gracious enough to give us five free copies of Let the People In, which we gave away to five lucky group members this week! If you were not able to win free copy, here is a link to purchase the book online.

Texas PBS has promised to facilitate the conversation and bring in the authors and experts to discuss the book – and Jan Reid has agreed to join us Wednesday, May 29th at 8:00 pm to chat about the book.  The web chat will be coming to you live from the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, complete with special guests from the Austin community.

More info about this later – start reading!!!

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