Book Club Blogs Tune in tomorrow night at 7:30 pm for a live web chat with Editor Mary Scheer!

Join us at 7:30 pm to ask Editor Mary Scheer about Women and the Texas Revolution!  Click here to go to the webchat.  Don’t miss out – this is your chance to talk to the woman behind this fabulous book!

One Response to “Tune in tomorrow night at 7:30 pm for a live web chat with Editor Mary Scheer!”

  1. Barbara Kennedy

    This is a wonderful book and I will reread it over and over to absorb all the information and I will pass it on to my daughter and granddaughter. Texas was so financially strapped and poor after the revolution. Texas women of all ethic backgrounds are known for being strong women and survivors. Nothing is free and these women paid dearly. I believe it was several generations after the Revolution before Texas women gained the liberation deserved by all Texans.
    Questions for Mary Scheer.
    1.Why do you think the other six surviving Hispanic women from the Battle of the Alamo and their stories were basically ignored for so long. Was it because of the Anglo dominance after the revolution? Their eye witness accounts could have answered so many questions about the battle?
    2. Many early Texas women broke from the traditionally male controlled society out of necessity. Heavens they were not even allowed to control their own finances. The men were away so much or died and the women were left to carry on. I believe once they were given the opportunity and realized they had the intellect and drive to survive they embraced their worlds. Margaret Wright from Victoria County was here before 1824. Are you familiar with her struggle?
    3. How many women actually received land scripts from their dead husbands participation in fighting in the Texas Revolution? Since the soldiers had no money to pay for having their selected land surveyed and many sold them, I wonder if the widows were able to fair any better.


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