Book Club Blogs Was the Texas Revolution “revolutionary” for women?

Hello book group members,

We have our 2nd book choice!

For the next 5 weeks, we will be reading/discussing Women and the Texas Revolution, edited by Lamar University associate professor and chair of the history department Mary Scheer, and Winner of the Liz Carpenter Award for Research in the History of Women, Texas State Historical Association, 2012.

WomeninTexasRevWhile there is wide scholarship on the Texas Revolution, there is no comparable volume on the role of women during that conflict. Most of the many works on the Texas Revolution include women briefly in the narrative, such as Emily Austin, Suzanna Dickinson, and Emily Morgan West (the Yellow Rose), but not as principal participants.

Women and the Texas Revolution explores these women in much more depth, in addition to covering the women and children who fled Santa Anna’s troops in the Runaway Scrape, and examining the roles and issues facing Native American, black, and Hispanic women of the time.

We think you are going to LOVE this book! Need to buy it?  Click here.

But…Paula Oates at UNT Press is giving us 5 free copies!  The first 5 folks to comment “I want a copy of the book” below will be mailed a free copy next week.  Don’t forget to email your mailing address to

If you are one of the 5 lucky members to receive a free book, we ask that you contribute at least one question for the author/editor/expert when the time for the live web chat comes around.

Happy Reading!!!!!

10 Responses to “Was the Texas Revolution “revolutionary” for women?”

  1. Carolyn Hubenak

    I would love to have a book. I am very interested in the role of women in the history of Texas

  2. Barbara Kennedy

    I would love to have a book.I love Texas history. The men may have conquered the land but the women civilized the people.


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