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Fred L. McGhee, Ph.D.
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Dr. Fred L. McGhee is a maritime archaeologist and historical anthropologist whose area of expertise encompasses the maritime dimension of the African Diaspora, particularly the role of both African and African-American slave trading in the conquest and colonization of the Americas. He is the author of The Black Crop: Slavery and Slave Trading in Nineteenth Century Texas  an interdisciplinary investigation which is the first major academic study of both African and African-American slave trading in the Lone Star State during this important time period told from an African-American perspective.

He is also an urban anthropologist and is an authority on the history of African Americans in public housing and on environmental justice and community development issues. In addition to conducting historic preservation research, he has conducted grassroots organizing in conjunction with public housing resident councils, civic organizations, and various nonprofit organizations in several cities. He is a noted public housing preservationist and is a former employee of the Austin Housing Authority and served as the last Mike Hogg Fellow with the Urban Issues Program at the University of Texas at Austin.