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Lisa Kaselak
Fosforo Films

Lisa Kaselak is an independent filmmaker from Austin, Texas. She uses photography and film to express her ideas and thoughts and concerns about social issues. Her first media project, The Twinkie Offense, photographed in large and graphic detail foods that are being marketed to children. Her documentary films, The Soup Peddler, Doubting Darwin, and Let Them Eat Cake explored issues such as the loss of community in America, the debate between evolution and intelligent design in classrooms and the attempt to ban junk food in the Texas public school system.

She worked in the fields of Web IA and Usability for 15 years, served as the first heterosexual Director of Programming for The Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, worked in feature and commercial film production in camera department roles and now teaches film and media production full-time at Southern Methodist University. Kaselak received her MFA in film production from the University of Texas in May 2006.