AdvisorsJanet Mansmann

Janet Mansmann
Senior Coordinator for Social Studies
San Antonio Independent School District

Janet Mansmann oversees the Social Studies curriculum for the San Antonio Independent School District. She has worked to create innovative programs for SAIDS’s students and teachers, including a partnership with the Institute of Texan Cultures to enhance online learning for teachers. She has also worked closely with SAISD’s Social Studies team to incorporate more history involving people of Hispanic origin into the SAISD Social Studies curriculum at all grade levels, filling a need that has been identified in her district. Mansmann has offered guidance to Texas, Our Texas about topics that fit into both the Texas History and American History curricula. She is a former elementary school principal who participated in a number of special programs during her time in that role, including service on Trinity University’s Trinity Principals’ Center Steering Group and participation in the Harvard Leadership Institute’s program for principals in 2008.